Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Postcards from Outer Space!

We have been working on the galaxies, planets, and other objects in our solar system for the last few weeks.  When we first started I put together two different PowerPoints.  One covered the Inner Planets and the other covered the Outer Planets. I put together a notes sheet that was a grid.  As we went through the PowerPoint they were able to fill in information, and I was able to ask questions too.  Well today we wrapped up talking about all of the planets, their positions, and special features so I came up with a cute little activity (well I thought it was cute).  I created a postcard activity.  The students pretended that they were an alien from another planet in our solar system.  They then wrote to their twin that had been living on Earth their whole life.  I asked them to write about what it's like on the planet, and mix some fact with some fiction.  Some of them were really really funny!  Next I had them draw a picture of the alien planet.  I loved how they turned out, and they were able to use their notes about the planets to include great facts. Anyway, I thought it
worked out really well, and wanted to share it with you here.  I included the directions and the postcard template.  I ran the postcard front to back so it was like a REALLY big postcard.  Have Fun!

Click Here to download the activity!

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