Sunday, August 18, 2013

UPDATED: My Husband's Birthday

My AWESOME Husband, Donald!
My husband is amazing, incredible, fantastic, but has the WORST birthday every year.  It is without doubt one of the worst times of year for two people that are teachers (yes we both teach, and he also is a football coach).  We have done some terrible jobs on his birthday including moving cross country, digging a drain field, and now this year.  I decided it would be a great idea to paint the door that goes from our kitchen to our garage.  I had the idea a while back about turning it into a great big chalkboard (cool, right?)  Well it just happened that the one day we have open to do something like this would be today, my husband's birthday.
Happy Birthday!

So we took the door off it's hinges, and quickly realized that the heat from the garage was unreal!  I grabbed the shower curtain liner that was in the guest bath and quickly taped it up with some painters tape.  Of course in doing that I realized no matter what way I put it it would not be long enough.  SO, out came the scissors and I patched together the bottom to keep the heat out.  I thought we were doing well...I was wrong.  My husband yelled in from the garage to get the paint.  To which I yelled back that it was in the car, because it wasn't on the counter or the table.  But, when he went looking it wasn't there.  Apparently, in my rush to get out of Wally-World I had left 4 cans of chalkboard paint hanging out in a bag for the guy behind me to get.  So now I have a door sitting in my front yard, a shower curtain liner hanging in my kitchen, and no paint.  So off to the hardware store he went to buy paint. 

Enjoying our cruise last year!
Poor guy, he never gets to enjoy his birthday, but don't despair I'm taking him away soon to enjoy a good meal, a nice hotel, and some fab gifts that are still making their way to Florida!

I'll post pics of the door.. if we ever get it done! It took some time but we finally got the door done.  It was soooo EASY!  We took the door off the hinges, rolled it with the paint, and by the evening we put it back up.  We had to let it cure for a few days, but by the time K's birthday rolled around I could right on it!

Chalkboard Door!


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