Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Theme.. Glorious Theme and Skittle Order of Operations FREEBIE!


So after a nice "long" break we are back at it.  We did Fondue with Friends on Saturday which was such a good time and such a nice break.  Then we headed off to Disney to hang out at the water park and then hit up Magic Kingdom... but before we did all that my husband and I had to get our lesson plans done and tests taken.  We are the prime example of the 7 Habits, Putting First Things First!

Teaching Theme: THE MEssageI knew that we were going to be doing Theme this week in reading, so I scoured the internet for ideas I didn't have to come up with!  Grabbed a bunch of great things and even bought :) something off TpT.
Check out what I found:

First I got this great foldable for a reader's notebook at Teaching to Inspire in 5th for FREE!  I love it because it asks the kids to support using evidence based terms!  So I am totally jazzed about that.

Then I was looking some more and found some other things on Pinterest.  I found this graphic organizer on Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE! The best part is she has this great idea of using the words THE MEssage and in it you have THEME.  So cute and catchy for the kids.. well the visual ones at least :)

I knew that I needed a few more things for Theme so I looked back at some things that I wanted last year and decided on Rachel Lynette's great task cards over at Minds in Bloom. She has plenty of things for sale but also some great things for FREE!  I can't wait to copy her task cards and to use them as part of my center activities this week.

Finally, I found some Anchor Charts I liked, and after today's lesson and the ideas the kids came up with I decided to create my own anchor chart on Theme.

Soooo, on a totally different note I needed something for Orders of Operation.  I really like an idea I saw about using Skittles to have the kids practice Orders of Operations.  I will throw it up here and you can try it out.  I think it might need some tweaking.  We are going to use the mini bags of Skittles, especially since all of the Halloween candy is coming out!

Skittles: Order of Operations

Let me know how it goes!



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